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Types of Academic Projects

There are many different classifications of projects. Most scientists divide school projects according to the form of implementation, by duration, by discipline, by main activity. Students often use to order their works.

By the form of the event:

  • group;

  • individual.

By duration:

  • mini-project (lesson or part of a lesson);

  • short-term (4-6 lessons);

  • weekly (30-40 hours);

  • long-term (one-year).

By discipline:

  • mono-subject (within the study of one discipline);

  • interdisciplinary (integration of different disciplines, their logical combination).

By main activity:

  • research;

  • search, creative;

  • informational;

  • orientation projects.

A research project is closest to scientific research. Its goal is to find the most correct solution to the problem posed, substantiate its relevance, clearly and concisely define the goal, main tasks, subject and object of research, choose the most suitable rewrite my essay for me services and research methods, options for solving the problem, prove and formalize the results obtained.

Research projects can be carried out both during lessons and in extracurricular activities. These include conducting sociological studies that are relevant and interesting to the population, finding the most effective options for solving the environmental problems of their city, studying the traditions of their people.

Creative projects are interesting because the designers have unlimited opportunities for its implementation. The didactic goal of a creative project is to teach children an extraordinary approach to solving the assigned task by completing tasks. The end product of such a project may be holding a holiday, publishing a newspaper, organizing an exhibition, and editing a video film.

An information project is characterized by the highest degree of accuracy and consistency. It is aimed at studying and analyzing information about a specific object or phenomenon in order to generalize and present information to a wide audience. The result of work for this type of activity will be popular science articles, schemes, algorithms, reports, maps of the area, messages, scenario models. Orientation projects focus on the study of social issues of interest to the participants in the project. The product obtained as a result of the activity can be used in the daily life of a class, school, city, country. As you can see, project classifications are based on completely different principles, which allows a comprehensive study of this issue.


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