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Argumentative Essay Vs Persuasive Essay

The field of essay writing is significantly vast and is divided into different types. Each of the types has its own style and components. While comparing the argumentative essay with an opinion essay, it needs to be understood that both of these are immensely different from each other. The writers in a quality essay writing service, while writing an argumentative essay, consider proving their point after scrutinizing the topic and accumulating the facts from different reputable sources in a comprehensive manner. While writing an argumentative piece, the writer needs to focus on completing thorough research about their respective topic. They need to gather the facts from well-known and credible sources.

To understand the difference between both of the above-mentioned essays, it is imperative to define the basics of both these types. Arguments and opinions are two very different concepts in the English language. An argumentative essay is the type of essay in which an individual attempts to persuade the readers about certain aspects of the under-consideration topic. The major motive of the writer while devising an argumentative piece remains on proving his/her point.

In an opinion paper, on the other hand, the writer simply highlights his views about certain specific topics without any motive of initiating a debate. The fact needs to be comprehended that this essay is generally considered as an opinion piece. In such a type of paper, the writer usually uses the words like “I think”, “I believe”, or “in my opinion” without specifically focusing on providing further supporting arguments or justification about his/her presented ideas.

On the other hand, in an opinion paper, an essay writer needs to focus on the topic and present his/her personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about it. The primary goal of the writer in this remains to explain to the reader that the presented view about the topic is the best that one can think of. Instead of mentioning the historical incidents or the official facts, one just needs to focus on writing a persuasive piece that could evoke the emotion of the readers.

Focusing on the purpose of both the essays, the former one attempts to convince the reader by using facts, figures, and statistics. While the latter just attempts to convince the reader using personal views, his/her literary abilities, and emotions which eventually allow the reader to agree with the opinion of the writer.

However, when it comes to the audience, both these essays are written for some targeted audience. It is inadequate to present an opinion piece to the argumentative audience as it would simply negate the purpose of the paper. From the writer’s point of view, in an opinion essay, the writer needs an audience in front of whom he/she can effectively present his/her views.

On the contrary, an essay writer writing an argumentative piece does not need an intended audience to prove his point. The facts and figures mentioned in the paper do the talking for him/her. Moreover, in an argumentative essay, it is imperative for the audience to regard the views of the opposing party as well, as it presents the essence of a healthy argument. However, the intended audience of the opinion paper does not need to regard any opposing views as there would be none.

Focusing on the perspective of preparation, the writer needs to perform different strategies in order to achieve his/her respective purpose depending upon the nature and type of the essay. For instance, whenever I sit down to write my essay, I tend to focus on several aspects before actually beginning the writing process. For an argumentative essay, I consider completing my research in a comprehensive manner, which allows me to accumulate my facts and figures from different sources.

However, while writing an opinion essay, I usually rely on my own instincts, thoughts, and beliefs which eventually allow me to write my essay in such a way that It targets the specific emotions of my reader. I focus on an emotionally charged and aggressive approach to convince the readers of my presented opinion.

When writing an argumentative essay, the writer has to keep a calmer tone and focus on getting the reader to acknowledge the facts and figures presented by the author. Moreover, one may compare his/her ideas to the facts previously presented by other authors in order to establish or solidify his/her position. An argumentative essay prompts the writer to present multiple sides about the under-consideration topic by presenting adequate facts and logical reasoning.

Comparing the viewpoint of both the essays, the argumentative writing acknowledges the views of the opposing side. It allows the writer to present multiple perspectives about any topic and clearly highlight how his/her presented view is better than all other opposing claims. This not only outlines the fact of how sound and fair-minded the writer is but also presents the fact that why the writer thinks that his/her views are saner than others.

Whereas in opinion essay writing, a single-minded approach of persuasion based on personal conviction is followed. It also highlights a personal way of thinking, presents one-sided views, and may optionally include only a single opposing view which would then be quickly refuted without providing its complete premise.

To cap it all, both these essay writing types are significant in their own way. Although their research and writing technique is quite different from one another, they both still remain highly relevant in the academic spheres.

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