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Happy Spring from Indian Line Farm

(Please read all before showing up!)

It is a hard moment for all of us right now.  We each have our own unique stories of how this virus and the consequences of being prevented from following normal activities is affecting us physically, economically and emotionally.  We are all in the same boat, and yet some are going to be more adversely affected than others.  The stories close to home and far away are challenging to swallow.  My heart hurts for so many people. 

That said, we have to eat and I am really grateful that I work outside now growing food people can eat!  I have this growing hope for the warmth Spring will bring and for the amazing selection of produce that will be spilling out of this farm in a few short months.  We are moving forward with the only real mission I have and that is to grow more food for more local people. 

So Saturday March 21st (9-1) I am having a pop up sale. In order to mitigate a crowd, I am going to ask that you come by order of your last name.  Please!!!  There may be a few things I run out of but that is out of my control.  I have planned accordingly and I think I am well prepared with lots and lots of produce.  Greenhouses are amazing!

A-G  9:00-10:00
H-N 10:00-11:00
M-R 11:00-12:00
S-Z  12:00-1:00

I will be doing my part to keep to the guidelines I have been given about food handling and social distancing.  We will be outside under tents unless it is really raining. 
As a way to keep folks from arriving all at the same time, please come during the assigned time slot.
We will try to provide some sanitizer before you approach the table and the proceed to select your food.
We ask that you not overly handle the produce.  If you touch it, please take it. 
We ask that you respect the encouraged 6' of separation, which will likely mean only two humans are at the table at once.  Which will also mean you are waiting outside for a bit.  Please dress accordingly and bring an extra dose of patience.

If you are 70 and older you may email me  ( and I will pack you up a box so your interaction will be minimal.  This order must be received by Friday at 5:00 pm.
If you choose not to get out of your car we will pack a box/bag for you.
And after thoughtful consideration we will not be doing deliveries or accepting additional online orders as we lack the staff and time to do this right now.  We are opening up our farm as a service to our local community in order to provide super fresh produce at a time of year it is not normally available.  We realize this may pose more of a risk than some are willing to make and that is a personal choice everyone has to make.
We will take cash, check, Berkshares, credit card and will be accepting HIP and SNAP benefits.
There will be a donation box for those wanting to donate towards getting Indian Line Produce to those who are food insecure at this moment.
And, as usual, please leave your pets at home. 

Thanks to everyone for your kindness and understanding during this moment.  Let's all do the best we can. 

My best to you,


We will have the following!

Loose Spinach (bagged)
Chard bunches
Red Russian Kale bunches
Lacinato Kale (bagged)
Onions (red and yellow)
Daikon Radish
Watermelon Radish--limited
Red Cabbage
Off the Shelf Eggs


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