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Policies & Procedures

Mission Statement/Farm Goals

Work Schedule
Regular Work Schedule: Monday – Friday
• 7:00 am-12:00 noon – Work
• 15 Minute mid morning coffee break
• 12:00 – 1:00 pm – Communal Lunch (Indian Line Farm provides a simple lunch) punch out
• 1:00 – 5:00 – Work
• Saturday mornings 6:30-12:00 (rotated among employees/apprentices)

Elizabeth may shorten or slightly change the schedule to accommodate for weather and season. For example, in
spring and fall we usually start work later and end a bit earlier too. Employees are expected to be able to start
work at the starting time. The farm crew checks in first thing in the morning so timeliness is expected.
Employees will rota
te working at the farm on Saturdays. This schedule will be worked out in advance for the
whole season. Working at the farmers’ market on Saturdays is additional time and dependent on employees
desire to do so and the farm’s need. On the rare occasion a week day requires work beyond the scheduled
ending time, employees will be given the choice to stay or not. Our hope is that you will stay to finish the task.
There also may be a need for employees to work on Tuesday or Friday evenings to cover the barn during CSA
pick up. This schedule would be arranged in advance.
Indian Line Farm may have additional part-time employees during the week and weekend and their schedules
and job requirements may be different.

Employees may be asked to account for their time during the day to help track profitability of individual crops.

The work week is Saturday morning through Friday afternoon. All employees will use the time clock. All
employees will be paid every two weeks on Saturday morning. The time cards need to be fully completed,
correct and legible by Friday afternoon or you will not be paid. Wages will be based on experience.

Indian Line, as required by law, provides Workers Compensation for all employees.

The farm crew works all holidays landing on weekdays and Saturdays including Memorial Day, 4th of July,
Labor Day and Columbus Day. If time allows Elizabeth may allow for a shorter day on these holidays.

Produce: Employees may take the equivalent of a Full Season Share free of charge. It is ideal for you to
take this Wednesday morning after cleaning up the CSA from Tuesday. Produce for friends and others
can be purchased at wholesale prices. Large amounts of food for preserving need to be approved by the
farmer in advance.

Fruit: Employees may take the equivalent of a “fruit share” each week. Fruit leftover after pick up on
Friday may be available for processing upon consult with Elizabeth..

Meat: Meat may be purchased at cost.
Time off
The farm tries to be as flexible as possible if days off are needed for personal reasons or vacations. We ask for a
week’s notice if possible for a personal day and a month’s notice for time off needed of a longer duration. Time
off longer than 2 days is not guaranteed.

Break Room
A fridge and stove are available for use in the break room. After use the room must be cleaned and in general
kept tidy. Personal belongings can be kept in this room.

Orientation & Evaluations
All employees will have an orientation at the beginning of the season. This will include an extensive tour of
where things are located and review of the policies. In addition employees will go over expectations for the
season, goals etc. After 2-4 weeks there will be another meeting to evaluate the employees work and discuss
any issues. As time allows there will be a formal evaluation in August and a final checkin at the end of the
season. Indian Line Farm has an open door policy to discuss issues as they arise whether it be about coworkers,
the work itself or something else. We want all employees to feel comfortable to discuss whatever may

Vehicle Use on the Farm
Driving around the farm should be no more than 5 miles per hour--watching out for people, pets and machines.
All rules of safety should be followed when driving our vehicles. The Dodge is used for harvest and general use
around the farm. The Toyota is used for deliveries, going to farmers’ market, and other errands. You should
always bring your license to work and be ready to go on any errand. If the Tundra must be used on the farm, it
should always stay on farm driveways and not drive in traditionally wet spots as it does not have 4 wheel drive.
If you notice any problems with any vehicle, please let Elizabeth know right away. In the rare circumstance that
you are asked to use your own vehicle for farm use, you will be reimbursed as long as properly documented.

Tractor/Machine Use on the Farm
Tractor use is permitted only after having read the safety and operator manuals, having shown proficiency
through practice and at the discretion of the farmer. Employees will understand that certain tasks will be only
done by the farmers and more experienced employees. Closed toed shoes will be worn when using tractors or
any motorized machine like weed whackers and lawn mowers. If you notice any problem with any piece of
equipment or notice we are low on fuel, please let Elizabeth know right away. Deliberate or negligent use of
equipment may be grounds for dismissal.

Safety is of paramount importance to us and it is our goal to have a safe work environment for all employees,
volunteers and visitors to Indian Line Farm. First aid supplies are kept in the metal unit in the barn. If there is
an accident you must inform Elizabeth or Al immediately. If you ever have suggestions on how to make our
work place safer, please let the farmers know.

Cell Phones
Electronic devices/phones and texting are not allowed during paid work time. The only exception to this rule is
that during the afternoon hours (2-5) you may listen to music with ear phones if the farm task is appropriate for

Farm House
Everyone must please give a quick knock on the farm house door to indicate that they are coming in. Employees
are welcome to use the bathroom in the farm house at any time. Employees are welcome to use the farm library
with permission as long as they indicate on the bulletin board what book they have.

Attitude/Work Ethic
We ask that during work hours we all work to the best of our abilities with efficiency and speed in mind.
Elizabeth has established certain benchmarks for speed and quality and we expect all employees to meet these
within a reasonable amount of time of beginning work here.

We expect all employees and apprentices to be friendly to members, customers and guests of the farm at all
times. If at any time a customer or buyer begins to complain, please refer them to Elizabeth. You may say
something like, “Your opinion is valuable to us. I think Elizabeth would like to hear what you have to say.”
Employees represent the farm at all times they are working. We expect our employees to enjoy their stay here
through working hard, meeting new people, learning new skills, and exploring the farming lifestyle.

The farm will provide most of the necessary tools to accomplish the work. Included in this category are things
like: harvest knives and scissors, bins, hoes, sprayers, tomato twine, harvest rain gear etc. The only tool we ask
that employees buy themselves is a small pocket knife. This knife must be kept on them at all times.
Employees will put back all tools when done with the job and empty all tools out of truck at the end of the day.
If any tools or equipment is lost or severely damaged from negligence we will ask the employee to cover all or
part of its replacement.

Pets will be allowed only under agreement with the farmers.

There is no dress code to work at Indian Line Farm. We do, however, strongly suggest that you wear clothing
suitable for moving around easily and that is appropriate for the public. Keep in mind the majority of work
done is outside in all kinds of weather, including rain. Overly tight clothing can be uncomfortable and make it
difficult to squat or kneel for long periods of time. We strongly suggest a wide brimmed hat and/or baseball
style hat. Shoes are a requirement. Rubber boots are a must on dewy mornings and for rainy weather.
Otherwise the shoe wear should be comfortable and supportive as lifting is something we are always doing. No
flip flops. You must have closed toed shoes to work with any motorized equipment and long sleeves and long
pants to work with sprayers and weed whackers. If employees work at the farmers’ market they must have
sturdy shoes and look clean and reasonably well-dressed. For example, no cut off jeans or stained or patched
clothing. The farm will provide a more extensive list of clothing and other gear that you should bring with you.
Though, not a clothing item, you must always have a pocket knife.
We do provide one pair of thin working gloves for you to keep and heavy duty rain gear you may borrow and
use throughout the season.

Personal Belongings
Employees will leave their personal belongings in assigned places. When in field employees may have a water
bottle (absolutely no glass) and a small bag carrying things like sunscreen extra shoes etc. We expect
employees be ready for all kinds of weather and to think ahead about what they might need during the work day
instead of needless trips back to barn for forgotten items.

Voluntary Employment
Your employment at Indian Line Farm is at “will”--meaning you are voluntarily taking a job here and are free to
resign at any time. We do ask that you give us two weeks notice. That said, if for any reason the farmers need
to let an employee go, they are free to do so.

Weekly Chores
Watering and Irrigation: Mon-Friday this person will be responsible for watering plants in the
greenhouse and outside on pallets. They will also be in charge of the drip irrigation in all greenhouses.
They will also help clean up after break.

Truck Driver and Greens Washer: This person will be responsible for driving the truck all week.
They will also make sure all harvest tools and appropriate equipment is on the truck before leaving the
barn. There is a list on bulletin board of harvest tools. They will also be responsible for washing all
loose greens after harvest. This requires following the washing protocol listed in the barn.

Sprayer and Nutrient Management: This person is responsible for spraying all harvested bunched
items and other veggies requiring spraying during the week. In addition this person will be responsible
for spraying any nutrients on plants or other sprays ie. organically approved fungicides/pesticides.
Proper gear will be provided.

Loading and Unloading Truck: This person will be responsible for jumping up on truck bed and
efficiently and carefully stacking boxes, bins and buckets to maximize space on truck bed during
harvest. They will also be the person that stands on the truck during unloading and passes the
boxes/bins to the human chain below.

I have read and understood the Policies and Expectations for Indian Line Farm.

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